Welcome to Self Storage 4U, Inverness
Secure and accessible storage facilities

Crate storage at Self Storage

Self Storage 4U provide secure and easily accessible units in a wide variety of sizes for domestic and commercial users.

Whether you are moving house, building, renovating or just short of space, Self Storage 4U facilities will give you the room to make your task easier.

All units are clean and dry with drive-up access, high security locks and are exclusively for your own use. Business users include tradesmen, retailers and carriers. The units are also popular with companies who wish to locate a service engineer or a central supply depot in the Highlands without the expense of leasing a building.

Why use
Self Storage?

  • Convenient
    Rent only the size of unit that you need, for as long as you need it
  • Flexible
    Easy in, easy out terms
  • Location
    City centre or near the Airport
  • Cost effective
    Business users benefit from being able to tailor their storage needs by adding units as and when required.
    Domestic users can de-clutter their house prior to sale or store between house moves. Customers can add or remove items at their convenience.

Who can use
Self Storage 4U?

  • Homeowners
    Whilst moving house or just to store bulky or seasonal items.
  • Businesses
    Free up retail or office space.Create a base for an engineer or distributor.
  • Professional bodies
    Archive paperwork or drawings.
  • Clubs and Associations
    Store sports equipment, boats and a host of other items.

If you need storage, you need Self Storage 4 U